Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sal Barbier & Baird Bergenthal.

Double shot.

A-1 was a wheel company supported by Tracker. They had a solid team that featured Matt Hensley, Kris Markovich, Bo Ikeda, Laban Pheidias, and many more. I rode a bunch of their wheels because of Matt. I've still got a shirt of their meat cleaver logo.

Was Baird on Blockhead? I thought he was on H-Street, but I watched Hokus Pokus last night and he probably wasn't in it. I may have gotten him confused with Ray Simmons, who was in the video. It looks like he might be building custom bicycles these days.

The photos are by Joe "Xeno" Llyod and Christian Kline.

Transworld - January 1990 Volume 8 Number 1

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tony Hawk #9.


Depeche Mode
Channel 3
The Cure
The Cult
The Damned
Duran Duran
Echo & The Bunnymen
Front 242
Guns 'N' Roses
The Jesus & Mary Chain
The Jam
Joy Division
Lene Lovich
Love & Rockets
Mad Parade
Manheim Steamroller
Missing Persons
Alison Moyet
New Model Army
New Order
Nitzer Ebb
Sinead O'Conner
Oingo Boingo
Peter & The Test Tube Babies
Iggy Pop
Sisters Of Mercy
Stiff Little Fingers
Time Zone
Violent Femmes
Wall Of Voodoo


A Boy & His Dog
Airplane I & II
Blade Runner
Cat's Eye
Die Hard
Hollywood Shuffle
All Indiana Jones
Lethal Weapon
Naked Gun
Prince Of Darkness
Rain Man
Serpent & The Rainbow
Top Secret
Anything with Tom Hanks or Eddie Murphy


Barbecue Chicken
Chin Chin's Chicken Salad
El Torito
Herbal/Iced Tea
Joe's Banana Bread
McDonald's Breakfast
Seafood (not shrimp)
Soup North/South

The Birdman's favorites circa 1989. I'm mildly surprised that Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol wasn't in his movies category. I kind of dug lists back in the pre-internet days because it gave you some insight into what a person was like. I'm not sure if we checked out any of the bands Tony mentioned at the time, but we were definitely listening to a few of them. I know I got into some of the others later on.

Congrats to Jamie Foy on winning Thrasher's Skater of the Year.

For anybody who saw the Colts vs. Bills game and was wondering, my town didn't get the snow Buffalo got. We've had about six inches on the ground since Thursday, but we didn't get dumped on like the Queen City did yesterday afternoon. We're south just enough that our weather can be slightly different from Buffalo.

For the stuff: Transworld - August 1989 Volume 7 Number 4

Transworld - October 1988 Volume 6 Number 5

Friday, December 8, 2017

Phil Esbenshade #3.

Gently take my skull for a ride.

Transworld - February 1990 Volume 8 Number 2

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Andy Howell #3.

H-Bomb blasts frontside.

For all the technical street innovation Andy brought to skateboarding with nollies and switch tricks, it gets a little overlooked that he was also good on ramps and vert.

The snow is here as of today. I brought my board with me to work yesterday because it was dry when I got up. The weather at lunch featured a stiff breeze and the slightest amount of flakes possible. Somehow it warmed up to 39˚ F and the wind subsided when I clocked out so I got in an unexpected twenty minute session at the park before sunset. It was a nice bonus for the day.

The photo is by Bill Thomas.

This was in the 1991 Thrasher calendar on the back cover.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mark Oblow.

Industry Man.

Mark is from Oahu, Hawaii. He rode for Vision, Indy, and Jimmy-Z. Some of the companies he has been involved with over the years include Acme, Color, Think, Vita, Analog, and Gravis to name a few. Mark has served as a team manager, a creative director, and more. He's also an accomplished photographer.

The photos are by Tony Roberts. He's the guy who filmed some of the Santa Cruz videos.

Transworld - May 1990 Volume 8 Number 5

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sam Cunningham & Jim Gray.

Two for Tuesday.

I bought Blockhead's Splendid Eye Torture video back in 1989 at the local skateboard shop. I loaned it out to a friend and never got it back. He loaned it out to another skateboarder who dubbed a copy of it. I somehow wound up with the duplicate VHS tape, which also included World Industries' Rubbish Heap, so in a way I came out ahead in the end. Blockhead somewhat recently reissued all their old videos on two DVDs and I added the full library to my collection. And no, you can't borrow any of them.

Blockhead has come to be my favorite of all the 1980s stuff. It's good to see Dave Bergthold keeping things going on a small scale with reissues and whatnot.

The lake effect snow is headed our way. I used an hour of vacation time to take a long lunch yesterday so I could get in some skateboarding at the park. I had a good little session on what was probably the last of the warm days for a while.

Thrasher - April 1990 Volume 10 Number 4

Monday, December 4, 2017

Julien Stranger #21.

"My first concert ever was Black Flag, that had to be one of the best, too. When I was a little kid I used to go to lots of shows, 'cause my mom was some punk rock girl/lady/mom. It wasn't like she was going to leave me at home every Friday and Saturday, so she would take me to shows. It was like 1980, '81, '82, it was a thriving scene here [SF]. You could go out to this place, Temple Beautiful, and see five to ten bands for like four bucks. I was like this little punk munchkin kid. I would just run around, all these punker chicks would be grabbing me. The Temple Beautiful had this big padded staircase, 'cause it was a real Jewish synagogue, but they would rent it out on weekends. Anyway, I would just dive down the stairs, that was my big thrill. I used to stand at the top of the stairs with my back facing the stairway, I'd tell some passing-by punker to act like he would shoot me, then I'd just fall back on my head and tumble down the stairs. It seemed like you couldn't even get hurt when you were a little kid."

It's safe to say Julien had a more interesting childhood than a whole lot of other people. I really like the design of the old SMA ads. They brought in some different styles that stood out from what other companies were doing. I'm also curious about that milk board. Was that a sticker? It looks very ahead of the time for 1990.

For the quote: Transworld - March 1992 Volume 10 Number 3

Thrasher - August 1990 Volume 10 Number 8